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Offering an Elite Fleet of luxury car rentals including High-End SUVs, Sedans, and Specialty Vehicles. Designed for discerning business travelers, VIP clientele, and individuals seeking unparalleled luxury. Every one of our exotic car rentals comes with the assurance of meticulous cleanliness, superior style, and utmost comfort, supported by our dedicated 24/7 customer service, to deliver an extraordinary driving experience.

Stylish Luxury Rides

New and spacious luxury car rentals for the ultimate vehicle rental experience.

Well Maintained Vehicles

We keep our vehicles detailed, clean, sanitized and smelling fresh.

Gold Standard Customer Service

We pride ourselves on impeccable service. No waiting on hold for robots over the phone.

VIP Experience

The ultimate in ease, style, and comfort, every step of the way

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Enhanced Benefits for a Premium Rental Experience

Free Cancellation

Enjoy peace of mind with our Free Cancellation policy. If plans change, just notify us within the specified time before pick-up, and we'll cancel your booking with no fees. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority.

Theft Protection

Our Theft Protection plan is automatically included in all rentals for your peace of mind. This feature limits your financial liability in the unlikely event of vehicle theft, letting you enjoy your luxury car rental experience without any worries.

GPS on Every Vehicle

Experience effortless navigation with GPS in every vehicle. We understand the importance of seamless travel, so all of our luxury cars are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems. This ensures you can focus on enjoying your drive while easily reaching your destination. Your journey is our priority.

Roadside Assistance

Drive with confidence thanks to our 24/7 Roadside Assistance. No matter the time or place, our support team is always just a phone call away to assist with any unexpected issues that may arise during your rental. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost concern.

What Our Customers are Saying


"I recently had the pleasure of renting a Rolls Royce Ghost for a business event in Detroit, and I must say, the experience exceeded my already high expectations. From the onset, the customer service team was professional and insightful, ensuring that all my needs were catered for. The car itself was immaculate, delivering on both comfort and performance. As someone who has dealt with luxury car rentals in various cities, I can confidently state that this Detroit-based service is top-notch. It set the perfect tone for my meetings and definitely turned a few heads. I'll be making another reservation soon."

Robert T.


"Decided to treat myself for my 43rd birthday and rented a Lamborghini Urus from this exceptional Detroit luxury car rental service. And oh, what a treat it was! From the moment I walked into their showroom, I felt like royalty. The staff were warm, knowledgeable, and they guided me through the process effortlessly. Driving the Urus was an exhilarating experience that I won't soon forget. The car was in pristine condition, and it handled like a dream. This wasn't just a drive; it was an adventure, a statement, a moment that I relished every second of. I will definitely be back for my next milestone celebration!"

Lara French


"As a 32-year-old who's always had a deep appreciation for automotive design and performance, renting a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Detroit was a dream come true. Every inch of the car screamed luxury and cutting-edge technology. The process was seamless from start to finish, and the customer service team couldn't have been more accommodating. The car itself? A masterpiece. If you're in Detroit and in need of a luxury car rental, this is the place to go."

Archie Moran


"I recently celebrated my 34th birthday, and let me tell you, renting a Bentley for the weekend was the cherry on top. The process was straightforward, and the staff were beyond helpful. The car was in impeccable condition, turning heads wherever we went. It handled like a dream, and the comfort level was off the charts. A top-notch luxury car rental service in Detroit that I can't recommend enough."

Mollie Hope

What Kind of Exotic Cars are Available for Rent in Detroit?

Look no further for a premium automotive experience that delivers the epitome of luxury and performance. Our fleet features some of the most prestigious brands known for their opulence and engineering excellence. Whether you crave the unparalleled luxury of a Rolls Royce Ghost, the advanced comfort and intelligence of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the high-performance thrill of a Lamborghini Urus, or the quintessential British craftsmanship of a Bentley, we’ve got you covered. These exotic cars are more than just vehicles; they are expressions of artistry and pinnacle achievements in automotive technology. While we specialize in these elite brands, our collection also encompasses a wide range of luxury vehicles, including models from Porsche and other esteemed manufacturers, ensuring that we have the perfect car to meet your high standards. Experience the best in luxury car rental in Detroit and elevate your journey to a truly extraordinary adventure.

Bently Car Rental Interior

How to Rent an Exotic Car in Detroit?

Lamborghini Rental Interior Steering Wheel and Lamborghini Logo

The process of securing a luxury car rental in Detroit is designed to be as seamless and enjoyable as driving one of our high-end vehicles. Begin by browsing our extensive selection of premium automotive brands, ranging from Rolls Royce and Bentley to Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Once you’ve chosen the exotic car that matches your preferences and needs, simply follow our straightforward online booking procedure. Alternatively, you can reach out to our dedicated customer service team who are experts in luxury vehicle rentals and are always available to assist you. After the booking is confirmed, your chosen luxury vehicle will be meticulously prepared and made ready for your desired date and time. If you have any special requirements or questions about car features, insurance options, or anything else related to your luxury car rental experience in Detroit, our team is here to provide all the information you need. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ultimate driving pleasure with our Detroit exotic car rental service. Elevate your travel experience with a vehicle that embodies sophistication, performance, and unparalleled luxury.

What to Do with an Exotic Car in Detroit?

After you’ve selected your perfect vehicle, it’s time to hit the road! Detroit has plenty of great sights to see and places to explore. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

Belle Isle Park: This beautiful island park is located in the middle of the Detroit River and offers stunning views of the city skyline. Take a drive around the island and stop to explore the aquarium, conservatory, and other attractions.

The Henry Ford Museum: If you’re a history buff, this museum is a must-visit. It houses a vast collection of artifacts related to American innovation and industry, including the famous Rosa Parks bus.

The Motown Museum: No trip to Detroit is complete without a visit to the birthplace of Motown. Take a tour of Hitsville, U.S.A. and learn about the history of the iconic Motown Records and the artists who contributed to that unmistakable sound.

The Detroit Institute of Arts: This world-class museum, situated in the heart of Midtown Detroit, features an extensive collection of art from around the world, including works by famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Diego Rivera.

When you’re done exploring, be sure to return your car on time and in good condition. Most rental companies require the car to be returned with a full tank of gas and in the same condition it was in when you rented it.

Exotic Car Rental Interior Controls
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